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You can contact DISC for different types of advice. This may be a question regarding the sale, the purchase, or the valuation of real estate. We can also assist you through the purchase of real estate that you may have found through another real estate agency or private seller.

We have over 20 years of experience in real estate and our team is fluent in three languages. Of course, each project is different so do not hesitate to contact us for any question or request.

Real estate expertise

We put our extensive experience and expertise at your disposal. DISC immobilier carries out three different types of value determination. It is the purpose of the price evaluation that determines what you need:

  • An estimate to put your house up for sale.

    We can make this estimate once we visited your property, this estimate is made verbally.

  • A notice of value or « Avis de valeur »

    A notice of value may be required for the drafting of legal acts by, for example, a notary, a supervisory judge or an accountant. For example, to divide a property within the family or for the creation of a SCI.

    After visiting the estate, we will write a multi-page report containing the arguments of the value opinion. The cost of this report is 168 € (excluding travel expenses that may apply beyond 100km).

  • A real estate appraisal report or « Rapport d’evaluation immobilière »

    This is a complete report prepared after an inventory and thorough knowledge of the estate and its environment. This report can only be prepared by an approved appraiser or an "Expert évaluateur” The price of this report will depend on the importance of the mission as well as its geographical area.

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